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The NutraHempCBD Difference

Experience the NutraHempCBD difference! NutraHempCBD is a line of CBD products brought to you by NutraFuels, Inc. which is created utilizing CBD hemp oil in our own facility using the highest Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) standards to promote overall health and wellness.

Many customers have made our products a positive part of their lives by integrating them into their wellness routines. Our easy-to-use sprays are ideal for a great tasting dose of cannabidiol that’s paired with other active nutrients including green tea extract and melatonin.  

We value our commitment to provide quality CBD infused products to consumers. That’s why NutraFuels Inc. created this line of CBD products under the name NutraHempCBD and we take pride in our proprietary formulations and in-house research and development.

Our unique formulations get nutrients into the body with a proprietary process for a delivery system with optimal absorption into the body. This increased bioavailability allows CBD and other nutrients into the body efficiently and effectively. The proprietary formula using nano processing ensures stable products with technology that allows suspension of CBD within a solution.

“We believe that our proprietary processing utilizing nanotechnology allows for us to create superior products with enhanced bioavailability,” said Edgar Ward, CEO, and Founder of NutraFuels Inc., “We believe that nanotechnology and our enhanced delivery system allows us to give our customers the most effective and efficient delivery system.”

NutraFuels, Inc. was founded 9 years ago to manufacture and distribute nutritional and dietary supplements. Our CBD line of products, including the oral sprays, support multiple formulations for daily Health and Wellness. Our formulation include; Weight Loss, Stress, Sleep, Pain & Joint, and Energy & Focus. We also have an animal-friendly formulation, NutraPet, a tincture made for cats and dogs!

Visit our shop to learn more about all of our CBD products and how you can incorporate them into your health and wellness routine.

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